I’m Geoff. I am a mechanical product design innovation engineer. This website is my portfolio.

I possess a knowledge of engineering principles and manufacturing processes.

I am awesome at CAD, and only want to get better.

I love working in the shop.

I think in human centered design process.

I have experience working in multidisciplinary teams.

I am only satisfied with truly innovative solutions.

I understand that product design is not just the forming of materials and functions, but the forming of behaviors and emotions.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Bucknell, and a Masters in Engineering, Design and Innovation from Northwestern.


Awards and Verbatims.

The global packaging organization at RB gives out annual awards for those that best exhibit company values during a project that year. I was Winner of 2017 Global Packaging Awards for “Achievement.” In 2016 I as awarded it for “Entrepreneurship.”

“I was impressed with Geoff’s ability to work independently, technical knowledge and resourcefulness… His work became valuable for our team in Asia as we discussed several ideas and concepts around this device to be produced for in-factory testing” – QA Engineer at Nike Inc.

“A very creative thinker. I’m impressed by Geoff’s insights and ability to think across the entire experience… He showed his versatility using knowledge of electrical hardware combined with mechanical engineering. ” – Engineering Manager at Nike Inc.

“Lovely to work with” -Anonymous colleague at Smart Design